ADLER Real Estate AG is a publicly listed real estate company focused on establishing and developing a substantial and profitable property portfolio. Its activities centre on the acquisition and management of residential properties throughout Germany. ADLER Real Estate’s activities have the objective of investing in residential properties that offer sustainable potential for value appreciation and whose current income contributes to the company’s overall success.

Acquisition criteria (existing properties)

  • Portfolios with focus on residential properties
  • Residential estates from 100 units at ADLER locations and from 200 residential units at other locations
  • Commercial rent proportion maximum 20% (based on rental income)
  • Location in metropolitan and regional centres with a geographic focus on Greater Berlin, Northern Germany (emphasis on Wilhelmshaven, Bremen and Hanover), Saxony (emphasis on Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz), North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Locations with good macroeconomic fundamentals
  • Good micro-location and infrastructure
  • Positive cash flow
  • Occupancy rate at least 80% (vacancy rate possible due to suboptimal management)
  • Low modernisation and maintenance costs, no pure renovation properties
  • Focus is not placed on leaseholds or WEG properties
  • Type of deal: Asset deal, share deal, no minority interests

Purchase criteria (project developments)

  • Undeveloped land ready for development with or without building permission for potential multi-story residential construction; subordinate commercial share of maximum 20% of the total area
  • Development plans not mandatory; however, land use plan must indicate residential mixed or urban area
  • Development potential from approximately 5,000 m² (gross floor area above ground)
  • Focus is put on top locations or their suburbs; emphasis on Leipzig, Dresden, greater Berlin and Hamburg
  • Good micro-location and infrastructure
  • No leaseholds, part-ownership or long-term lease agreements
  • Forward deals are conceivable

The following documents are required for the preliminary review and evaluation of the offers

  • Exposé with key property information, full address and information on the purchase price
  • List of tenants in Excel including information on commencement of lease / end of lease and arrears of rent
  • Site plan
  • Photos of properties
  • For project developments: Official site plans, development and land use plan, location description, projected / planned land and outline building permit / planning permission (if available)


When submitting offers by brokers, we ask for written proof of commission by the property owner. These cannot be considered otherwise. This requirement profile does not constitute an offer to conclude a brokerage contract.

Tender documents submitted will not be returned.