Data on shareholder structure show the percentage share of voting rights calculated as the number of voting rights announced to ADLER Real Estate AG by the shareholders in their voting rights announcements set in relation to the number of total voting rights as published in the latest announcement of total voting rights. Announcements relate to different points in time and are triggered by the fact that shareholdings have exceeded or fallen below certain thresholds determined by law. The indicated shareholdings do not necessarily represent the actual holdings. As long as changes in individual holding do not touch a reporting threshold, no information is passed on to ADLER Real Estate AG.

Free float contains all shares which are held by private or institutional investors who have not passed any thresholds – the assumption being that these shareholders have no strategic interest in the company:

  • Free Float 2.96%
  • ADLER Group S.A. 97.04%

As of March 2023

The share capital of ADLER Real Estate AG amounts to EUR 109,416,860.00, divided into 109,416,860 no-par value bearer shares with a notional value in the share capital of EUR 1.00. 74,309,373 shares (ISIN DE0005008007) are admitted to trading on the stock exchange. 35,107,487 shares (ISIN DE000A3H3MR7) are not yet admitted to trading. The unlisted shares were issued in connection with a debt-to-equity swap by increasing the share capital of ADLER Real Estate AG by EUR 35,107,487.00 through the issuance of 35,107,487 new no-par value bearer shares against contribution in kind. For time and cost reasons, it was agreed with the respective shareholder not to admit the new shares for the time being. For this purpose, a lock-up agreement was concluded with the shareholder.