The Annual General Meeting 2020 will be conducted as a virtual Annual General Meeting without physical presence of the shareholders. Here you can access the AGM-portal

Voting results

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Invitation to 2020 Annual General Meeting including:

– Explanation of shareholder rights
– Total number of shares

Agenda item 1 

Explanation on agenda item 1

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Annual Report 2019 (german version)

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Financial Report 2019 (german version)

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Explanatory report on the supplementary disclosures pursuant to Section 289a Para. 1 and Section 315a Para. 1 of the German Commercial Code (HGB)

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Agenda item 6

Report of the Management Board on Agenda Item 6

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Explanatory notes on shareholders’ rights and additional information, including the information on the total number of shares and voting rights

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Authorisation form

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Articles of Association

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