Here you will find an overview of key events from our company’s history.


In 2020, ADLER Real Estate AG became an integral part of the new Adler Group, together with the former ADO Properties S.A. and Consus Real Estate AG. Adler Group is one of the leading listed residential real estate companies in Europe and can, thanks to its structure, support the entire lifecycle of a property from planning and construction to rental and management.


End of 2019, ADLER signed a business combination agreement with ADO Properties in order to create a common enterprise. For this purpose, ADO Properties submitted a voluntary offer to all ADLER shareholders and on 9 April 2020 announced that nearly 92 percent of ADLER shares had been tendered into the offer. 

The new group shall be named ADLER Real Estate Group. In addition, it is intended to acquire the majority of stakes in Consus Real Estate AG which is active in the development of rental projects. The new ADLER Group will thus become one of the largest listed real estate companies in Germany, being able to further grow by its own ability to generate additional rental space in attractive German metropolitan areas through its own development arm.


Disposal of around 3,700 rental units, nearly the total non-core portfolio, in two separate transactions.

Disposal of 71% of the BCP retail portfolio in three separate transactions (GAV of EUR 341.1m).

Acquisition of 100% shares in ADO Group Ltd. resulting in ADLER holding a 33.25% stake in ADO Properties S.A. which owns more than 16,000 residential units in Berlin.


Acquisition of 70 percent of the shares of Brack Capital Properties N.V., a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands holding more than 11,000 residential units in attractive locations in Germany.


ADLER is on its way to become a fully integrated real estate group by internalising property and facility management. In order to show the new status, all group companies appear under new logos.

Introduction of an innovative tenant-app to improve the communication with tenants and reduce tenant fluctuation.

ADLER gives up its trading activities by selling the shares in ACCENTRO Real Estate AG. Business model focused on letting business.

Refinancing of higher yielding, secured Schuldscheindarlehen through low yielding, unsecured corporate bond.


The new logo of ADLER Real Estate AG.

ADLER Wohnen Service GmbH
is in charge of property management.

ADLER Gebäude Service GmbH
is in charge of facility management.


Disposal of participation in conwert.

Legal domicile relocated to Berlin, ADLER Real Estate AG established among the leading listed residential real estate companies in Germany.

422 million euro gross liquidity from sale of conwert stake.


Takeover of Westgrund AG, Berlin, participation in conwert Immobilien Invest SE, Vienna.

At the time of acquisition  Westgrund holds a portfolio of 16,000 units.


Takeover of ACENTRO Real Estate AG, Berlin.


Successful takeover of different residential portfolios in Germany.


Strategic realignment to residential real estate company after change in shareholder structure.

bis 2011

Optimizing of the real estate portfolio.


Takeover of residential real estate business of Münchener Baugesellschaft.


Asset Management for AIG Global Real Estate.

ADLER Logo 2006

ADLER Logo 2005

bis 2005

Project development of commercial real estate (e.g. Heidelberger Technologie Park, Frankfurter Börse, AirrailCenter Frankfurt a.M.).


Name change to ADLER REAL ESTATE AG.

bis 1999

Production of bicycles (up to 1945), cars (up to 1945), motorbikes (up to 1958) and office machines (up to 1998).

Stamp of 1982

ADLER motor bike M 200 of 1952, Deutsches Zweirad und NSU Museum in Neckarsulm.

ADLER 2.5 litre convertible 1937 – 1939, EFA Museum für Deutsche Automobilgeschichte.

Typewriter built in the thirties.

The founder of Adler-Fahrradwerke – vorm. Heinrich Kleyer: Heinrich Kleyer, born 1853 in Darmstadt.


Company founded as ADLER- Fahrradwerke.

ADLER motor bike of 1902, Deutsches Zweirad und NSU Museum in Neckarsulm.