ADLER Real Estate AG comprises a total of more than 400 individual companies that are fully consolidated in the consolidated financial statements. Most of them are property companies that hold sub-portfolios of the Group’s overall property portfolio. Westgrund AG, however, still exists as a subgroup since its acquisition in 2015. The same is true for Brack Capital Properties N.V. of which ADLER had acquired nearly 70 percent in April 2018 and for ADO Properties S.A. of which nearly 33 percent belong to ADLER since the end of 2019. 

All tasks of the Property Management of the ADLER real estate are pooled in the group company ADLER Wohnen Service GmbH with the exception of the portfolio in Wilhelmshaven which is serviced by Jade Immobilien Management GmbH and the portfolio in Ludwigshafen which is managed by Treuhaus Hausbetreuungs-GmbH. Both cooperate closely with ADLER Wohnen Service. BCP and ADO Properties manage their portfolio on their own.

In April 2018, ADLER acquired nearly 70 percent of the shares of Brack Capital Properties N.V. (BCP). Since then BCP has been fully consolidated in the financial reporting. BCP holds around 12,000 rental units in attractive locations in Germany and engages in development projects. The commercial portfolio of BCP has largely been sold.

Westgrund AG is majority owned by ADLER Group since 2015 and acts like ADLER as a holder of residential properties. With legal domicile in Berlin, Westgrund is meanwhile full integrated into ADLER group, but has maintained its legal form.