ADLER – A major provider of residential properties in Germany

ADLER is one of Germany’s leading residential property companies with a focus on affordable housing. Its portfolio is primarily located in – or on the outskirts of – large and growing conurbations in northern, eastern and western Germany and has considerable upside potential in terms of revaluation gains, vacancy reduction and rent uplifts. All of the Group’s properties and business operations are located in Germany. The Group’s residential portfolio has been built up over the past six years by acquiring individual portfolios or shares in property-holding companies. 

ADLER’s core business model is the long-term letting of flats and the generation of sustainable cash flows with a selective exposure to project developments with a ‘build and hold’ strategy, preferably in ‘A’ cities. To maximise long-term profitability, ADLER’s residential real estate management business is complemented with advantageous acquisitions and disposals. All main functions relating to property management are carried out through the staff of Adler Group, of which ADLER has been part of since the middle of 2020. The daily management of the portfolio continues to be in the hands of group companies like ADLER Wohnen Service GmbH, ADLER Gebaeude Service GmbH and ADLER Energie Service GmbH. The BCP portfolio is currently managed by the group company RT Facility Management GmbH.