ADLER Real Estate AG is an integrated property group owning more than 52,000 residential units located predominantly in northern and western Germany and offering affordable homes to tenants with medium to low incomes.

In 2020, ADLER Real Estate AG became an integral part of the new Adler Group, together with the former ADO Properties S.A. and Consus Real Estate AG. Adler Group is one of the leading listed residential real estate companies in Europe and can, thanks to its structure, support the entire lifecycle of a property from planning and construction to rental and management.

The affiliation with the Adler Group entails a substantial shift in the company’s focus away from strategic development toward operational business only. Thanks to group companies in charge of property, facility and energy services, ADLER continues to offer its tenants all relevant services from a single source.

ADLER Real Estate AG was formed out of Frankfurter Adlerwerke, a company with a rich history going back to the 19th Century.