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ADLER Real Estate AG: Renewed support from main Shareholders

Berlin, 25 February 2019 – After last week’s sudden decline in the share price, ADLER Real Estate AG’s Management confirms the long-term support from all of its major shareholders. “Neither have they sold any of their shares, nor are they willing to do so in the near future,” Tomas de Vargas Machuca, Co-CEO of ADLER Real Estate AG said. “They remain committed to the company, support our existing de-levering strategy and are convinced that ADLER will meet its targets of improving its KPIs further.”

ADLER’s share price had declined last week after more than 6 percent of the actual share capital had been offered by a financial institution via a book building procedure. These shares had been held by minority shareholders.

Maximilian Rienecker, Co-CEO of ADLER Real Estate AG said: “Although we understand that this event caused short term volatility, we believe it is good for the long term development in our shareholder base as we have new institutional investors on board who have used the significant discount on the NAV to enter the Company and will give the share more liquidity and momentum in the future.”


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