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ADLER Real Estate AG: Shareholder basis widened, market capitalization increased

– 12.9 million new shares created from the conversion of 2015/2018 mandatory
convertible and the termination of the 2013/2018 convertible bond.

– New major shareholder

– Market capitalizaton increased to more than EUR 900 million (USD 1.0 billion)

Berlin, 03 January 2019 – ADLER Real Estate AG has widened its shareholder base following the issue of 12.9 million new shares at the end of last year, bringing the total of shares outstanding to 71.1 million.

The increase resulted from the termination of the 2013/2018 convertible bond which generated 1.2 million new shares and the conversion of the mandatory convertible bond 2015/2018 which generated 11.7 million new shares.

A sizeable part of the converted shares are in the hands of Fairwater Real Estate Opportunities Fund, a long term European Real Estate specialised investment fund. The new shareholder announced holdings of 9.6 million shares on December 14, 2018, representing 13.5% of the current total stock.

Existing shareholders have been diluted accordingly with Fairwater Real Estate Opportunities Fund being the third largest shareholder behind Mezzanine IX Investors S. A., Luxembourg with 15.2% and Wecken & Cie, Basel, Switzerland with 14.7%. ADLER’s current free float amounts to 48.7%.

With the widening of the shareholder base, the market capitalization of ADLER Real Estate AG has for the first time exceeded EUR 900 million.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, Co-CEO of ADLER Real Estate AG said: “We welcome our new shareholders, all the more following the significant operational performance we achieved in 2018. Furthermore on the 17th and 27th of December 2018 we announced the succesful strategic streamlining of our property holdings following the disposals of circa 3,700 units in two separate transactions, the second being at a 5% premium to book value.”

Maximilian Rienecker, Co-CEO of ADLER Real Estate AG, added: “All shareholders are likely to benefit from our increased Market Cap. This milestone makes ADLER Real Estate more relevant to a greater number of institutional investors at the time when the current share price provides significant upside going forward. The successful conversions also remove any potential speculation of any overhang of new shares coming to the market.
We are committed to continue to improve the company’s performance both operationally as well as in the capital markets.”

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