Focus on residential property

ADLER essentially sees itself as a provider of rented apartments. Consistent with this approach, as of 30 June 2017 these accounted for 47,010 units and thus 97.8 percent of the properties held for permanent letting. Having said this, the overall portfolio also includes a small share of commercial units. In a certain sense, these are a by-product as some of the inner-city residential properties also include shop or office space. There were 1,079 such units at the end of the first half of 2017, accounting for a 2.2 percent share of the portfolio of properties held for permanent letting.

Slight increase in property holdings in first half of 2017

The number of rental units held for permanent letting increased slightly in the first six months of 2017. A total of 252 rental units were sold in the course of streamlining the portfolio to remove units no longer viewed as forming part of the core portfolio. The portfolio was boosted by 701 rental units close to Bremen which ADLER acquired in the first quarter and by. a further 192 rental units in Senftenberg which ADLER acquired at the end of the second quarter. These will supplement the portfolio in Brandenburg. ADLER has thus met the objective it has set itself of moderately expanding its portfolio. The number ofe units held for trading has stayed nearly unchanged as the number of units sold and units acquired were mor or less balanced.

Portfolio realignment30.06.2017  31.12.2016
Rental portfolio48,08925270147,640

-of which residential units


-of which commercial units

Units for privatisation 2,4313273362,422
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