ADLER Real Estate AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange.
The consolidated annual report is prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
The quotation in the prime standard also obliges ADLER Real Estate AG to publish quarterly reports which also follow IFRS.
In addition, the non-consolidated annual report of ADLER Real Estate AG is available here which is stated in accordance with the German reporting standards (HGB).
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2016 Annual report2 MB2015 Annual report
2015 Annual report2 MB2015 Annual report
2014 Annual report8 MB2014 Annual report
2013 Annual report690 KB2013 Annual report


Consolidated financial report 2015


First quarter 20173 MBQ1 Report 2017
Third quarter 20162 MBQ3 Report 2016
First half year 20162 MBQ2 Report 2016
First quarter 20162 MBQ1 Report 2016
Third quarter 20153 MBQ3 Report 2015
First half year 20153 MBQ2 Report 2015
First quarter 20152 MBQ1 Report 2015
Third quarter 2014896 KBQ3 Report 2014
First half year 20141 MBQ2 Report 2014
First quarter 2014836 KBQ1 Report 2014
Third quarter 2013440 KBQ3 Report 2013
First half year 2013493 KBQ2 Report 2013