ADLER Real Estate AG’s Convertible Bond Issue 2013/2017

ADLER Real Estate AG 2013/2017 convertible bond issue, with a coupon rate of 6%, maturing on 30 June 2017, was offered to the company’s shareholders in the subscription period from 12 June 2013 through 25 June 2013. The relevant bond offering was published in the Bundesanzeiger [Federal Gazette] on 11 June 2013.
In accordance with their statutory subscription rights, shareholders were entitled to purchase six bonds for every seventeen shares they hold, according to a subscription ratio of 17:6. Unpurchased convertible bonds were placed with qualified investors by means of a private placement. In all, 5 million convertible bonds were issued, with a par value of EUR 2.00 each, for over-the-counter trading in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
The Management Board plans to use the issue proceeds to invest in income-generating residential portfolios in Germany, in accordance with the company’s acquisition strategy.
Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG, of Frankfurt am Main, assisted in the transaction.
Detailed information about the convertible bond issue can be found in the Terms of the Convertible Bond, which are available for download from this website.
Convertible bond 2013/2017
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Terms and Conditions232 KB2011 Geschäftsbericht
Exercise Notice (costumer's mandate)16 KBAnleihebedingungen
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